We have a variety of activities coming up this year under the BioFA. If any of these activities are of interest to you, please register by sending us an email at: biofaatadelphi [dot] de (biofa[at]adelphi[dot]de) or by using our webform here:

Practitioner Labs - Green Finance for Climate Change Adaptation & Biodiversity for MSMEs - completed for Malawi & Zambia

for Policymakers, Financiers and MSMEs

In Malawi and Zambia, we facilitated a hands-on process that resulted in targeted green finance solutions, which can support the growth of MSMEs that are actively delivering biodiversity solutions and championing climate adaptation efforts across their value chains. This format has gathered key stakeholders to co-create and refine tailored financial mechanisms to deliver capital for local biodiversity initiatives.

Green Finance Academy - completed for Malawi (May 2023) and planned for Zambia in September 2023
for Banks and Financial Institutions

We are planning a Green Finance Academy that offers an in-depth analysis of green finance key concepts and facilitates co-creation of green finance solutions. New green finance solutions are aimed at supporting the growth of MSMEs that are actively delivering biodiversity solutions efforts across their value chains. Are you working in banking or finance and would like to learn more about "green finance"?  

Biodiversity Replicator Programme - planned for Malawi & Zambia (September - December 2023)
for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Replicator programme will support aspiring entrepreneur or business owner looking for inspiration and partnerships to build a biodiversity-positive business model. Participants will learn tips and tricks from established enterprises that have successfully implemented biodiversity-positive business models in another location.